A La Carte Breakfast

Dairy and Smoked Salmon
Selection of Yogurt cups - $1.45
Cottage cheese and fruit cups - $1.85
St Albert Cheddar slices - $1.50
Smoked salmon and cream cheese layered on fresh mini bagel (1) - $3.25
Mini crêpes filled with whipped cheese, cream and fruit (1) - $2.85

Seasonal fruit crumble - $2.00
Fresh whole fruit, each - $1.75
Seasonal sliced fresh fruit (100g) - $1.80
Fresh fruit salad (120g) - $2.80
Strawberry, yogurt, granola parfait - $3.80

Breakfast Pastries
Bagel with cream cheese (1) - $1.70
Wholesome, low fat, breakfast bars made with dried fruits, nuts and seeds (2) - $2.20
Banana, lemon-poppy seed and very berry bran muffin (1) - $2.25
French croissants, butter, preserves (1) - $2.60
Freshly baked breakfast pastries (2) - $2.80

Breakfast Buffets
•        Menus are priced per person and include disposable dishes
•        Continental menus - minimum 10
•        Classic hot and French toast menus - minimum 15

Continental Express - $2.80
Chocolate croissant, Danishes, fruit strudels, muffins, bagel
with cream cheese and other freshly baked breakfast treats

Healthy Continental - $4.60
Bagel with low fat cream cheese
Wholesome, homemade, low fat breakfast bars made from dried fruits, nuts and seeds
Seasonal sliced fresh fruit

Country Continental - $4.00
Moist slices of popular coffee cake: Apple Streudel, marble, cranberry-lemon…
Seasonal sliced fresh fruit

Classic Hot Breakfast - $8.60
Fresh and flaky croissants
Coffee cake slices
Creamery butter and preserves
Fluffy scrambled eggs with fresh chives or Seasonal vegetable frittata
Roasted red skin potato wedges
Crispy bacon and Country breakfast sausages

Our Signature French Toast - $8.25
Vanilla Cream or Cinnamon French toast
Both served with berry coulis
Seasonal sliced fresh fruit
Crisp bacon and Country sausages
Roasted red skin potato wedges

Biscotta Pausa - $3.80
Our Signature Biscotti, plain & chocolate dipped
Fresh fruit skewers drizzled with chocolate
Watermelon slices
The Baja Break (min 15) - $4.30
Colorful tortilla chips with our yummy cream cheese salsa dip
Fresh vegetable platter with herb dip
Lean and Mean Protein - $5.15
Thin baguette slices filled with maple ham, roasted chicken breast and roast beef
St-Albert Cheddar cheese slices
Fresh fruit skewers drizzled with chocolate
Energy Efficient - $5.50
Seasonal sliced fresh fruit
St-Albert Cheddar cheese slices
Homemade, low fat and delicious breakfast bars
Dips and Crisps (min 15) - $5.75
Hummus, Bruschetta and Three cheese artichoke dip
Savoury bread crisps, Carrot and celery sticks

Sandwich Luncheons

•        Prices listed next to each sandwich menu below include a salad and a dessert that you can choose from those
listed in the Salad and in the Dessert & Fruit links above.
•        Menus are priced per person and include disposable dishes
•        Minimum 10
•        Individual Boxed Lunches are available and custom priced on request

Traditional Sandwiches - $9.85
Sandwiches on white, oatmeal and multigrain grain breads are filled with our Signature roast beef, ham
and cheese, chicken breast, egg salad and seasonal vegetarian mixes.
Sandwiches are cut in quarters and the serving size is 6 quarters per person.

 Delicate, Easy to Eat Sandwiches - $10.25                                 
A pleasant combination of trimmed triangle sandwiches on white and multigrain breads filled with egg,
ham, chicken and vegetarian mixes and thin baguettes slices filled with our Signature roast beef,
chicken breast, ham and cheese.
This menu is suitable for light and stand-up luncheons and the portion size is four triangles and four
baguette slices per person.

Gourmet Country Sandwiches - $10.75
Wholesome, substantial sandwiches on freshly baked artisan breads and crusty French baguettes filled
with our Signature roast beef, chicken breast, ham and cheese, egg salad and seasonal vegetarian
mixes. Garnished with, lettuce, and condiments where appropriate.
These sandwiches are cut in medium sized triangles and the serving size is three pieces per person.

Wraps - $11.30
A colourful variety of soft tortilla wraps filled with your favorites: seasonal vegetarian mixes, ham and
cheese, classic chicken Caesar our Signature roast beef with our homemade garlic mayonnaise.
Wraps are cut in half and the serving size is two halves per person.

Wraps and Gourmet Country Sandwiches - $11.85
This is the most popular menu combination for those who want a wide variety of fillings and breads.
The serving size is two pieces of the gourmet country sandwiches and one half wrap per person.

Open Face Sandwiches - $15.00
When only the best will do, choose our elegant and refined open face sandwiches. They are prepared
on bagels and a variety of artisan breads, without covers. Our selection includes: smoked salmon,
garnished with capers, onion and dill, baby shrimps in a creamy fresh herb mayonnaise, maple cured
ham with Brie and a soupcon of Dijon mustard, Teriyaki chicken breast with a dollop of peach chutney,
our Signature roast beef with aioli and seasonal vegetarian combinations.
The serving size is four per person.

MYO Sandwich - $12.95
For those who prefer to “make their own”, we offer freshly baked artisan breads and rolls served with the
following: maple cured ham, our Signature roast beef, chicken breast, egg salad, hummus, Cheddar
and Swiss slices, sweet gherkin pickles, butter, margarine, Aioli and mustard. Like the other sandwich
menus, this one includes a salad and dessert from the next page.


Our Signature Country potato salad
Creamy Savoy Cole slaw
Mediterranean chick pea salad
Cool cucumber salad
Colorful seasonal marinated vegetable salad
Orzo salad with tomatoes, cucumber, onion and a Mediterranean style Feta dressing
Market salad featuring seasonal greens and vegetables with house dressing
Bow tie Bruschetta salad
Asian slaw with Daikon and apples dressed with sesame-orange vinaigrette
Pasta, vegetable and herb salad
Fresh seasonal vegetables with house herb dip
Relish tray of marinated olives, pickles, baby corn, carrot and celery sticks

Desserts & Fruits

Seasonal fruit crumble
Banana chocolate fusion
Easy to love wedges of carrot cake, lemon bars and gourmet brownie  
Sliced fresh seasonal fruit (80g) with sugar cookies
Fresh fruit skewers, drizzled with dark rich chocolate and our Signature biscotti
Sliced fresh seasonal fruit (120g)
Selection of homemade desserts – always different, always delicious

Please contact us for our hot and Cold Buffet selections as well as our plated
entrees, appetizers and afternoon tea selections.