A variety of ready-made-meals are available at our shop...the selection varies
daily but some of our staples are always in stock!
Remember, all of our meals are fresh, contain no additives or preservatives
and can be re-heated in minutes once you get home from a busy day!
Ready to eat (small selection of meals we make)
~Quiches                                                ~Beef Bourguignon
~Chicken Marsala                                ~Pork Tenderloin Dijonaise
~Meat Lasagna                                     ~Chicken Curry
~Chicken Cordon Bleu                      ~Shepherds Pie
~Stuffed Shells                                     ~Spinach Lasagna
~Veal Normandy                                  ~Chicken Pot Pie
               (all meals are accompanied by vegetables and a starch when appropriate)

Ready to cook specialties(oven-ready dishes)
~Chicken Pot Pie                                ~Beef Strogonoff Pot Pie
~Spanakopita                                      ~Stuffed Shells
~Quiches                                              ~Meat or Spinach Lasagna
~Beef and Potato Gratin                   
Selections vary weekly!