Wheaton Store:
1720 N. Main Street
Wheaton, IL 60187
(630) 510-9000

We make a wide variety of foods every
cold salads to paninis and
If you do not feel like cooking then come
by for a
"ready-to-heat" meal (portions
from 1 to your entire family!), check out
the sample selection under our "Ready
Made Meal" tab to get your taste buds in
the mood!
And don't forget to pick up dessert for
the family or just a little something to
satisfy your sweet tooth...
We have a selection of imported cheese to
accompany our scrumptious specialties...
Asiago, Manchego...a little bit of everything
for everyone to love!
You can find our 12 flavors of
hummus and our
tapenades along side some of our new
products like
artichoke dip or spinach &
jalapeno dip
For those of you who crave our
spread, you can either purchase it by container
or enjoy a traditional muffalletta sandwich just
like in New Orleans!
The assortment of pastries that we make are "from scratch" and our eclairs
come in either chocolate or vanilla.
Our cookies are baked fresh everyday and our colorful display of cakes and
sweets are ready to tantalize you into being just a little bit naughty!
Closed for summer, come see us
on the markets!